RecOrder is an interactive installation created by RecLab Collective in 2010 and the result of a Research-Creation Project supported by Javeriana University.

This installation recalls the Simon Game with the purpose of making a memorial exercise about Colombian violence victims. It was based on research and interviews from sons and daughters of people who has disappeared in Colombia for political reasons.

We used the game as a tool to remember. 

May, 2010
9º International Image Festival
Design and Media Art Show
Manizales, Colombia

Concept : RecLab
Created by: Camilo Cogua, Laura Anzola, Jefferson Rosas, Nelson Ramon, Sandi Morales, Bibiana Rojas, Julian Camilo Garcia, Nataly Lopez, Mateo Rudas, Alejandra Pinilla, Nicolas Murcia, Ana Estarita and Lina Castellanos.