Blue Borders

“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” – Rousseau


How do invisible lines have such monumental impact? Based on my personal immigration experience, Blue Borders explores how whale communication and migration studies can create a path to understanding the complexity of immigration, the concept of borders, and our relationship to the world that we inhabit. Combining cutting-edge animation techniques and projection technology, Blue Borders invites the audience into a sensory experience never before imagined - a visual environment projected onto a dome and suspended over an audience floating weightlessly on the surface of a shallow pool.

Blue Borders will premiere at Calgary’s Beakerhead in 2020 as the final entry in Ghost River Theatre’s Six Senses Series.



Laura Anzola: Co-Creator/GRT Artist In Residence

Eric Rose: Co-Creator

Marc Lavallee: Technical Director

Juan Carlos Arias: Colombian Advisor/Consultant

Matthew Waddell: Projection Technology

Sasha Stanojevic: Animator 


Thanks to:

Canada Council of the Arts, Alberta Foundation of the Arts, Calgary Arts Develpment.